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, the federal government through fema and the fema funds. third, state funds and state programs that are available. we had a conversation with the president last night. once again, he was asking how he could help, how the federal government could help and what came out of that conversation is we will be the blowing 30 joint teams in the region. between the state and the federal government through fema. these teams will have an expert in each area. an expert with private insurance, and expert with fema, and an expert with the state who knows the state housing programs these joint teams will be deployed in the 30 key areas in the region and fema will be providing the 30 personnel for those teams. we think the president for that. it is another step in a full agenda of federal assistance to our region. we thank them for that. those 30 teams will start to be assembled next week. they will be dispatched to the affected communities speaker governor andrew cuomo of new york. a couple things he pointed out. 90% of the island, which is really such a huge number when you think about it, th
, things of that nature are all freed up. just got this from the white house, fema is going door-to-door, people might need assistance at the coast guard and taking the lead to identify hazardous floodwaters. not exactly the cleanest water on earth. how do you dispose of that and also fema will support any request from state officials who need help with polling places next week, only a few days from the federal election. the irs is granting taxpayers affected by the hurricane until november 7th if they were supposed to file returns or payments for today. the fdic telling financial institutions if they are having problems with their reporting timeline they can contact them as well. campaign continues tomorrow. mitt romney will be in virginia. president obama back on the campaign trail. green bay, wisconsin, boulder, colorado, las vegas. melissa: thanks for that report. ashley: let's get back to check the markets. the dow up by 35 points and have been in this range for a while. nicole petallides on the nyse. big movers in the wake of sandy. nicole: we will follow sandy at aftermath
be worried about you. we have had great cooperation from fema, the national guard, salvation army and from state officials and i wanted to thank all the individual companies and nonprofit who have donated so generously. that includes the road runners club donated a million dollars to the relief effort in that amount may go as high as $2 million if the runners club has asked each runner in this weekend's marathon to contribute $26.20, $1 for each mile of the race and hopefully some will be more than that. they are running this race to help new york city and donations from all the runners will be a big relief effort. if you remember, you go back to 9/11, i think they made the right decision in those days to run the marathon, it pulled people together, and we have to find some ways to express ourselves and show our solidarity with each other. we have raised almost $10 million for individuals and corporations including the charitable trust and the ceo of. my company, rupert murdoch. melissa: that was mayor michael bloomberg. we were waiting to hear what he was going to say about the marathon b
there was such a name for a team, but honestly to new york, and we need them very badly. fema has also said set up a hotline for individuals. the fema hotline is (##8)121-3622 i have been involved in disaster. i have seen all types of disasters. i was in hurricane andrew in homestead florida. i was in the red river floods. the midwest floods, entire cities wiped away. the earthquakes in california. i have to tell you what i saw last night. what went on and the south shore of long island. they were some of the worst conditions i have seen. the hudson river, downtown manhattan, it was literally pouring into the ground zero site. would such a force that we were worried about the structure of the pit itself. joe and i just happened to run into each other in downtown manhattan. when i tell you the hudson river was pouring into the brooklyn battery tunnel like a river at high velocity, it was a frightening sight. while the hudson was coming over from the west from the, the east river was coming over from the east. the amount of water and the acceleration and the rising of the river was really frightenin
hear from fema. they are waiting to see what happens. fema has moved water bottles and blankets all up and down the east coast. right now it is a matter of where will the storm hit and how hard is it going to hit? they are waiting and trying to figure out where all of this will happen. back to you. dagen: thank you so much for that. sandy already closing markets and delaying earnings reports and good even close to jobs report on friday. however, what would happen if that did happen. connell: art laffer joins us now. the statement about 45 minutes ago came from the census bureau. they said there was no decision as they put it on delaying the jobs report on friday. we both said we think it is unlikely. you do not want to feed into anything. what do you say? >> i think they will publish it. i do want to say that it is so much fun being with the two of you. mcdowell and mcshane, you know, everyone is investing in ireland. you know why, because the capital is always dublin. connell: we have to take a quick break right now mayor bloomberg just walked up to the podium. this is a city office o
challenge by going to cut fema which is a made up talking point and it is silly the way we politicize every last detail of these things. i don't know if it will affect -- the biggest way will affect the campaign is in turn out. difficult for people to vote in these states and pennsylvania would be the most obvious place. dagen: the president gets to be just that for at least the last couple weeks. and prevent his opponent from going after in a way that he would. how does that not helped him? >> think about it as a resident of new york, the people who benefit from this politically are chris christie or michael bloomberg or seem to be doing things. i don't care what the president says and i don't think you do either and don't care what mitt romney has to say about this and local information, when will the subway run on time. and receive that kind of benefit. mitt romney could still attack the president about benghazi. dagen: these are super. states. connell: all of us talking about the storm the last few days, politics are starting -- i can tell from my twitter feed that it was all storm and
involved. if we did not have fema and the coordination between all the governors and mayors working together -- i heard one governor saying that when we had this type of crisis before, a southern governor asked him from the north to sense of national guards people down and not only did they go down, but they said it was one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences they ever had. helping each other out, but putting together lives where people are saying they are lucky to be alive and able to move forward. we cannot imagine how we can do more to help those people. dagen: what can people do close back i have had a lot of people asked me. >> everybody knows somebody. one of the most serious obstacles of growing old is being lonely. if people could just call somebody to assure them that if they need anything that they are there. give them a call. let people know that we do not have to see each other every day to consider each other family. and for god's sake, do not let forgetting somebody come back and haunt us because we should have been there when we should have been. i have bee
a meeting with emergency responders, fema, homeland security, he says the federal government is prepared. they have food and water position all throughout the eastern united states ready to respond where they are needed. this is a big storm and telling us here in the northeast pretty much what we do not want to hear. >> transportation is going to be tied up for a long time. probably the most significant impact for a lot of people, in addition to flooding, will be getting power back on. we anticipate there will be a lot of trees down. a lot of water. rich: he does not anticipate there will be any impact on the election. governor romney has changed his campaign schedule. back to you. ashley: rich edson indices. thank you very much. the new york stock exchange closed today. it is closed tomorrow as well. we almost had electronic trading opened today. why wasn't it. charlie gasparino continues that story next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen anjeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they' gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country
ahead of time, we have been able to get over a thousand fema officials in place, repositioned, we have been able to get supplies, food, medicine, water, emergency generators to assure that hospitals and law-enforcement offices are able to stay up and running as they are responding. we are going to continue to push as hard as we can to make sure power is up throughout the region, this is mostly of local responsibility, private utilities lean forward but we are doing everything to provide additional resources so that we can expedite getting power up and running in these communities in places like newark, new jersey where you have 90% of people without power. we can't have a situation where that lasts for days on end. my instructions to the federal agency has been do not figure out why we cannot do something. i want you to cut through red tape, through bureaucracy, no excuse for in action. i want every agency to lean forward and make sure we are getting the resources where they are needed as quickly as possible. i want to repeat my message to the federal government. no bureaucracy, no red
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9